All Frequently Asked Questions

When and how often will I be charged?

If you received temporary coverage:

There will be an initial draft based on the expected monthly premium*. This draft will cover you through the application process and will be applied towards your first month of full coverage. If you decide to cancel at any point during the process or your application is denied, you will receive a a full refund and your temporary coverage will be cancelled.

If you didn't receive temporary coverage:

You will not be charged initially. Once you complete your medical exam and it is reviewed, we will determine your final underwriting results. If approved, you will receive an offer of your final pricing. If you choose to accept our offer, you will be charged on that day and your full coverage will begin.


Full coverage:

When a policy is in-force, a payment will be drafted every month based on the the "monthiversary" of your policy effective date.

*Excluding any Waiver of Premium, if selected.

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