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What are some of the ways Haven Life makes applying for life insurance less hard?

We've built our site from the ground up with ease and transparency in mind. Our goal is to get you a real rate (not just a quote) for real policy options that you can really purchase online. We have multiple resources available to assist you in selecting and purchasing the right term life insurance policy:
-Our Term Life 101 serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding term life insurance, what your individual needs may be and what to expect when applying.
-The Haven Life blog offers information on some of life's (and life insurance's) biggest questions.
-Quick Estimate allows you to get a range of rates for a term life policy and see other real policies for policyholders that are just like you.
-You can use our free Needs Calculator to help determine your personal policy needs.
-If you need help at any point during the process, our Customer Support Team is available via chat, phone (1-855-744-2836) or email ( to answer any questions you may have.